Graft Options Dialog
KeyCreator \ Modify \ Boolean \ Graft-Options-Dialog

The following options are available from the dialog that appears when Graft is selected from the Modify>Boolean submenu:


Dialog Options:

Graft Type
  • Cut – Select to remove material from a solid body (like Boolean Subtract)

  • Paste – Select to add material (like Boolean Unite)

  • Move – Select to move the solid tool body using the graft interface without cutting or pasting the solid

Graft Selection
  • Select Solid – Select to use a solid tool body to graft

  • Select Faces – Select to use faces to make a solid tool body (prune) to graft

Graft Options
  • Orient Graft by Face Normal – When selected, the orientation of the tool body is fixed along the target body normal. When cleared, the orientation is fixed to a fixed direction.

  • Extend Graft Body – When selected, the tool body is extended into the target body during the graft procedure.

  • Unconstrained Interface – When selected, grafting does not constrain the solid tool body onto the target body. The tool body moves freely.

  • Keep Tool – When selected, the solid tool body is not deleted at the end of the graft operation.