Set Material Physical Properties
KeyCreator \ Edit \ Entities \ Set-Material-Physical-Properties

Location: Edit>Entities>Set Material Physical Properties

Use this function to define material physical properties and attach these to solids and shells, or to override such properties that are currently attached to existing solids. The function used to be called up in Tools>Face Tools but is being phased out by the Part Splitter Material tab and in Edit>Entities>Set Material Properties.

Note that there are three ways to attach or change material physical properties:

  • Edit>Entities>Set Material Physical Properties. Described below. This function is useful when different solids and shells in your part need to have different properties attached to them.

  • File>Properties>Material Physical Properties. See Material Physical Properties.

  • Edit>Entities>Edit. See Generic Edit.

Edit>Entities>Set Material Physical Properties displays the dialog shown below. This dialog is similar to the dialog that appears when selecting the Material Physical Properties tab after selecting File>Properties. The only difference is the last option in the dialog shown below is Set from Part’s Properties. If you select this option, then the part’s material physical properties are used for the solids and shells you will select next: Once you select OK on the dialog, the prompt on the Conversation Bar asks you to select the solids and shells  to which to attach these properties.