Cut Sheetmetal Corner
KeyCreator \ Modify \ Solid-Trim-Break \ Cut-Sheetmetal-Corner

Location: Modify>Solid Trim/Break>Cut Sheetmetal Corner

This function is sometime called "sheetmetal tearing." Use it to cut away material from a corner of a solid so that the adjoining faces can be separated and then unbent along one of their other edges. With the dialog for this function, shown below, you can elect to cut a slice parallel to one face or the other, or cut away the entire region that makes up the corner.

Cut one side

Cuts a parallel slice to face.

Cut away both sides (width of gap)

Leaves a gap of specified width between to faces.

Cut away both sides (by side cut width)

Side cuts by specified width both faces. This requires a minimum thickness of the overall sheet metal thickness.


Example of cut one side by width 0.50
Example Cut away both sides with gap 0.50
Example Cut away both sides by side cut width 0.50