Edit Solid Render
KeyCreator \ Edit \ Entities \ Edit-Solid-Render

Location: Edit>Entities>Solid pick edit>Rendering

This edit solid dialog combines both the Set Entity Rendering options and Set Material Rendering Properties when selecting solids to edit. Once all options are configured choose OK to update the render conditions for the picked solid.

Edit Solid Rendering Dialog


Rendering Mode

This drop down menu shows the basic rendering modes available for solid bodies. Choosing default will give the solid the same render attributes found in.......For information on each render mode see the View>Render topics for:

Wireframe, Hidden Lines Removed, Hidden Lines Dashed, Flat Shaded, Gouraud Shaded and Phong Shaded

Wire Rendering Mode

When the shaded options are chosen in Rendering Mode the Wire Rendering Mode drop down items are selectable. Choose from among the following options to display the solid edges: Remove Hidden Edges, All Edges, No Edges or Dash Hidden Edges

Thread Rendering Mode


Set Material Rendering

Checking on Set Material Rendering will activate the material rendering options available for the chosen solid. See the Set Material Rendering Properties for an overview of each option and overall use.

Set not sectionable

Checked on this mode will exclude the edit object from being sectioned in a Layout\ Section View operation. This setting is also available in Edit\ Entities\ Set Not Sectionable and in the setup of any Tools\ Feature, Fastener and Mechanical Element.