Report Options
KeyCreator \ Compare \ Compare-Configuration-Options \ Report-Options

Location: Tools>Options>Analyze>Report Options

If report data is desired for the compare session (Compare>Write, Read, Run and Load Report) Use this dialog to configure the output data

Report Options Dialog

Report Control

Show Difference- When set will filter data output to only difference data in report output.

Show All-  When picked will have no data filter for report output.

Show Abridged- When chosen will give a results summary of the compare, leaving out the match/unmatched data for each individual comparison (which can get  lengthy on even simple files.)

Max Error Count

By default set to 0 (show all errors) but for large amounts of error data set to desired max value.

Include captures of all errors in report

When checked this will include the captures within the report or places the images in the root of the report file (depending on which report file type is picked.).

Add Label to capture

Will add the difference/unmatched label seen during captures.

Report File Type

Text- Saves a .txt file for the report

HTML-  References Images of the part and can be edited as needed.

PDF- References images of the part and can be edited as needed (with supplied password.)

PPT- Used as an ECO report for documenting engineering changes. Specific views of the part can be added and can be edited as needed.

Serial Number

Input any part serial number identifier.

Logo File Name

When loaded will add the company logo file to the report.

Power Point Template File Name

Load any predefined templates for use in the report if a .ppt is the report file type.

Power Point File Name

If .ppt is the report file type specify a name for the file.

Report Time in UTC

Places Date/Time in report using coordinated universal time standard. Unchecked will report time/date in local time/date.

Export Control Stamp

Adds a stamp section to report.

Combine Assembly Reports

When the report file type is pdf specify how assembly data should be generated (separate by reference or combined.)

Report Prefix

Add any support prefix to report.

Report Pass/Fail Suffix

Adds the Pass/Fail as a suffix to the report name

System Options

Report Logging- When checked you can add a report .log file to the report data.

Session Content-  Controls the content of the session file.  

Session only- Saves session data, leaves out report, Parts.

Session+Report- Saves session and report, doe not include parts.

Session+Parts- Saves session and report, does not include report.

Session+Report+Parts- Saves all of the above.