Restyle Arrows
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Restyle Arrows

This function is designed to specifically edit arrows that are contained within a dimension. In situations where the arrows are nested within a tight space it can be difficult to change a specific arrow instead of a dimension arrow grouping regardless of the 'zoom level'. Restyle Arrows allows a window or polygon selection of specific arrows, which will then take on the preselected arrow type.

NOTE:Restyle Arrows can be used on any dimension except Arc Length dimensions.

Using The Function:

  1. Select Restyle Arrows from the Detail\ Restyle menu. An Arrowhead Style Dialog appears in the Display Window.

  2. Choose the style to change to and select OK.

  3. The Conversation Bar prompts for selection by Window or Polygon selection, choose a method and pick the arrow or arrows to edit.

  4. The selected arrow/ arrows are modified. Choose Accept if another selection is needed or escape to end the function.

Additional Arrowhead Settings:

Setting Default Arrowhead Style
Alternate Path to Change Arrohead Style