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Tools>Hyperlink>Hyperlink Set and Hyperlink Navigate

These functions allow entities within a KeyCreator file to have external links that can be accessed within a KeyCreator session.

Using Hyperlink Set:

Find the location for the URL or path to cad file, Layout, Picture Manager image file you want to link to the entity and either type or navigate to its location in the Hyperlink Set Dialog. If inserting a URL you can test the link with the Test Link option. Once information on link location is complete hit O.K. Now the command line prompts you to select the entity or entities you want to link to the external source. Note the tool tip which will have the link information or no link if not yet linked.  You can then add more links or cancel if done. You can now use the Tools>Hyperlink Navigate to go to the link source. The path to the external source is an absolute path, if the path can't be resolved nothing will occur until the path is reset. Presently there can only be one link type per entity (example: if solid is linked to a layout it can't also be linked to a url, external file or picture manager picture...)

Any hyperlinks that were set can be edited using the Edit Hyperlink function. A Hyperlinks dialog will preview any current links within the file. Click on the entity to see what link type and value is set and edit or remove as needed:


Example Hyperlinks Edit Dialog:

Example Layout Hyperlink
  • Using the Hyperlink you can link model mode entities to specific layouts you have created. Use the Tools>Hyperlink>Hyperlink Set and in the dialog choose Layout. From the dropdown choose which layout you want to associate with the entity.

  • A command prompt selection menu prompts for entities to pick. You can cursor select entities and toggle the selection using the space button on your keyboard or use a selection button from the command prompt. Hit Accept when complete.

  • The Hyperlink Set will then appear allowing for additional links, if done hit escape.

  • Use Tools>Hyperlink>Hyperlink Navigate and again pick the object that you linked. This will bring you to the layout you linked to.