Importing an Autodesk Inventor® File
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 Importing an Autodesk Inventor® File

Follow the steps below to import an Autodesk Inventor file (*,jpt).


Importing an Autodesk Inventor File:
  1. Click File>Import>Autodesk Inventor. The Select an Autodesk InventorFile To Import dialog appears. Through this dialog, you can specify what Autodesk Inventor file you wish to import.

  2. Click the Options button to configure the import options available. The Autodesk Inventor Options dialog appears.

  3. Configure the options as desired and click OK. The Select an Autodesk Inventor File To Import dialog reappears.

  4. Browse for the (*.ipt) file you wish to import. When it appears in the File name field, click Open.


Inventor Import Options

Directory Location of Parts Referenced by Assembly

Choose which method best fits the import of referenced files into the import process.

Free Surfaces

Checked on will import all free surfaces (G0 surface condition) contained in the Inventor file.


Checked on will include all inventor defined workplanes on import.

Blanked (Hidden) Entities

Checked on will include all Inventor blanked entities.

Note that unless the blank translated entities is checked, all previously Inventor blanked entities will show as non hidden in the level list.