Known PRT/CKD Conversion Problems
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Below is a list of the known PRT-to-CKD conversion problems. If you experience a problem when converting PRT geometry to the KeyCreator format that does not appear in the list below, please contact KeyCreator Technical Support:


Conversion Issues:

  • Some radial dimensions may not be displayed properly when converted to the CKD format. Arrows-out radial dimensions on incomplete arcs may come in with the arrow inside the arc if the dimension leader passes through the open part of the arc.

  • When converting CADKEY Release 19 parts, layouts containing Hidden Lines Rendered (HLR) and Hidden Lines Dashed (HLD) instances may not be mapped correctly. However, the program should restore the instance hidden line attributes to be the same as the current default instance hidden line attributes.

  • When converting CADKEY Release 19 parts, Baseline Running Dimensions may not convert properly. During conversion, dimensions may not line up properly and cause double leader lines to appear.

  • All text entities created with true-type fonts in legacy versions will convert with a different aspect ratio than what was originally specified.

  • When you attempt to open a file containing file notes (notes linked to files) that are missing, an error dialog appears. Through this dialog, you can delete the note(s), browse for a new file to use, or ignore the error and allow the note to display nothing.