Exporting to KeyCreator Part
KeyCreator \ File \ Export \ KeyCreator-Files-Export \ Exporting-to-KeyCreator-Part

Location: File>Export>KeyCreator Part


  1. Select KeyCreator Part from the File>Export submenu.

  2. Select the entity(s) you intend to export, using the Universal Selection Menu.

  3. Select the base position for the exported entity(s). Once you have selected the base position, the Select Filename for Export dialog appears.

  4. From this dialog, select or create a filename for the exported geometry. To configure how the selected geometry will be handled in the original file, click the Options button, and select the desired options..

  5. Select the Store the relative path… checkbox to use relative path naming when saving references.  This allows for more flexibility when moving parts and their associated references.  This is because you only need to make sure that referenced .CKD files are in the same location relative to the location of the parent part file.  On the other hand, choosing to store the full path allows you to move the parent part and it will still find the references as long as the remain in the original location.

  6. Select OK in the Export New Part Options dialog if necessary, and then select OPEN in the Select Filename… dialog.  The selected entities will be exported to file you had specified. 


Notes on Exporting Levels to KeyCreator Part:

When geometry is exported to a new part, the default template is used. The new part will assume all of the attributes in the default template, such as colors, units of measure, detail settings, and level assignments. When levels are exported with geometry to the new part, the existing levels created by the default template in the new part are deleted, and replaced by the new, exported levels.