Exporting to ACIS SAT
KeyCreator \ File \ Export \ SAT-Export \ Exporting-to-ACIS-SAT

Exporting to a SAT File:

  1. Select ACIS SAT from the File>Export submenu.

  2. Select the entity(s) you intend to export.  Select ACCEPT when done.

  3. The Export ACIS SAT File dialog box appears.  From this dialog, you are asked to name the exported file, select whether to export an ACIS Text (*.SAT) or ACIS Binary (*.SAB), and select the ACIS version to carry with the file.  You can also elect to indicate a base location for the exported geometry.  Select OPTIONS to specify a version and to indicate an exported base location.

  4. If you elected to change any of the settings in the SAT Export Options*HIDD_SAT_EXPORT dialog, select OK.  Once you have configured the settings contained in the Export ACIS SAT File dialog to your liking, select SAVE.  A SAT (or SAB) file will then be created and saved under the filename you had assigned to it.