Exporting a Parasolid File
KeyCreator \ File \ Export \ Parasolid-Export \ Exporting-a-Parasolid-File

  1. Click File>Export>Parasolid. You are presented with selection options on the Conversation Bar that allow you to select wireframe, solids, sheet bodies, part references, composites, planes, vectors, features, fasteners, structural shapes and mechanical elements to export.

  2. Click the desired selection option button.

  3. Following the prompts, select the entities and/or objects you wish to export, and Accept the selection. The Export Parasolid Text File or Binary File dialog box appears.

  4. Click the Options button on the dialog. The Parasolid Export Options dialog appears, allowing you to set export options.

  5. Configure the dialog as desired, and click OK.

  6. Enter the desired filename and click Save. The Parasolid File Translation Progress dialog appears, with a Close button and a Save to File button.

  7. Click Close to end the procedure, or click Save to File and proceed to the next step.

  8. In the Save As dialog, select the desired folder, type the desired filename,  and click Save.