Render Modes
KeyCreator \ View \ Render \ Render-Modes

The six render mode functions and four edge option functions control the display of solid, surface, and shell bodies.


Render Mode Functions:


   image\RenderWireL.gif   image\RenderHLRL.gif   image\RenderHLDL.gif



   image\RenderFlatL.gif   image\RenderSmoothL.gif   


These six functions are a set of radio buttons. Only one can a active at a time.


Edge Option Functions:



This radio set of functions are only available when a shaded render mode is active.


Shaded 'With' Functions:

These alternative functions combine selection of a shaded render mode and edge option. They are not listed in the menu but can be found in the Render category of the Tools>Customize>Commands list.

See the Solids page in the Tools>Options dialog for additional available display settings.