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Use levels to separate a part into different levels, or layers, to organize your design. Levels can be viewed separately or with other levels. You are allowed to specify, or change, level assignments at any time, and can toggle the display of any level or combination of levels on or off. You can also move or copy entities from one level to another. Hiding levels will help separate a drawing into layers that can be displayed, plotted, and constructed individually.


Part Splitter Window

Level List

Level Default Attributes

Numbering Levels

Nesting Levels

Level Menus


The Level list occupies half of the Part Splitter Window, which can be compressed to minimum size, expanded to maximum size or a partial state manually or with a hotkey that you assign. This is a tree-based display, which appropriately represents the tree-based nature of the level hierarchy. Double clicking on a level in the tree will expand or contract the selected node.

To view information on a feature available from the Level submenu, click the appropriate link below:

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Create Level
Copy Entities to Level
Move Entities to Level
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