Construction Plane
KeyCreator \ View \ Construction-Plane \ Construction-Plane

Location: View>Construction Plane

This option allows you to define and save new construction planes. A construction plane, represented by a gnomon, defines a coordinate system upon which entities are created and manipulated. Use a construction plane to create entities in a different plane from the currently displayed plane. Display of the CPlane gnomon is controlled through the Tools>Options>Display page.

The number of the active CPlane is displayed in the edit field on the conversation bar. If the current CPlane is unsaved, it will have the number 0.


Changing the Construction Plane


There are eight standard CPlanes that are equivalent to the standard views listed under Display View. These Standard CPlanes cannot be modified, renamed, or deleted.

To view information on a function available from the Construction Plane submenu, click the appropriate link below:

Set Construction Plane
Set Construction Depth
Disable Construction Plane
Move by Delta
Move to Position
Offset along Z
Rotate about X Axis
Rotate about Y Axis
Rotate about Z Axis
Invert X Axis
Invert Y Axis
Invert Z Axis