Using the 3D Curve Offset Function
KeyCreator \ Create \ Advanced-Spline \ 3D-Curve-Offset \ Using-the-3D-Curve-Offset-Function

To use this function, follow the steps listed below.


Using the Function:

  1. Select 3D Curve Offset from the Create>Advanced Splines submenu.

  2. Select the curve to offset.

  3. The Offset Curve dialog appears. The dialog box that appears will be based on the type of curve you previously selected (i.e. planar, linear, and twisted). All of these dialogs contain identical settings.

  4. Enter the parameters that will affect the creation of the offset spline. Select OK< when finished.

  5. The spline will then be constructed. When an offset spline is constructed, a unique minimum deviation curve fitting method is used that approximates the true para metric equation of the offset curve with a cubic spline that has the fewest number of nodes possible for the given curve fit tolerance.