Using the Plane/Surface Intersection Function
KeyCreator \ Create \ Advanced-Spline \ Plane-Surface-Intersection \ Using-the-Plane-Surface-Intersection-Function

Follow the steps below to use the Plane/Surface Intersection spline function.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Plane/Surface Intersection from the Create>Advanced Splines submenu. The Plane/Surface Intersection dialog then appears. Configure the available dialog settings.

  2. Select the bodies to be intersected click ACCEPT.

  3. Select the plane entities to cut the surface bodies, click ACCEPT. The spline is then created.

NOTE: If the "Section with parallel planes" option is chosen, indicate two positions to define a line from which a specified number of planes will be computed to be normal to the line, and evenly spaced from one end point to the other. In this way a large number of parallel section cuts can be made effortlessly made through the surfaces. This can be used to help determine visual fairness of a surface.