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Location: Create>Solid Feature>Patterns

Patterns produce transformed copies of the entities to which they are applied, providing a convenient way to construct models with repeating features. The Create Patterns options allow for the creation of traditional linear and circular patterns, but also for the more advanced pattern types, such as along arbitrary curves and surfaces.

Patterns can be applied to solids, sheet bodies and bump features (protrusions or holes) on planar or cylindrical surfaces. The resulting copies will be of the same entity type (solids from solids or feature objects from copied feature objects) with the exception of bump feature patterns of feature objects which will produce regular solids.

NOTE: When a solid or sheet body is patterned, the copies that result will be created as separate solids.

NOTE: Solids created as Fastener, Mechanical Element and Structural Shape entities as well as holes created as Feature objects can be selected as bodies or bumps to be patterned.


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