Solid Face
KeyCreator \ Modify \ Solid-Face \ Solid-Face

Location: Modify>Solid Face

The Modify>Face functions available from the Modify>Face pull-down and Advanced Modeling>Modify>Face palette submenus are classed as local operation features that can be performed on a body. These features will not change the topology of the model, with the exception of Thicken Sheet and Replace Face.

It is important to understand how not to change the topology of a solid model during an edit. In its simplest form, the topology of a solid includes the faces, edges and vertexes of the model. The edges of a solid are where the faces of the model meet (intersect), and vertexes are where edges meet (intersect). During a local operation you can move edges or vertexes to a new location, but you can not change the relationships in the model between the faces and the edges and the vertexes. A local operation can not add or delete elements of topology, and a local operation can not change the relationships between the elements of topology.

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