Notes on Detailing
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Detailing Hints:

  • It is advised that you add detailing after part construction is completed, and that dimensions and other detailing entities be created on levels separate from the level(s) on which your geometry is created.

  • If you plan on working with layouts, save dimensioning for Layout mode. If you aren't going to be working with layouts, dimension in Model mode after you finish constructing the part. See Layout for more information about both Layout mode and Model mode.


Placement of Dimensions:

  • When placing dimensions, you are prompted to indicate a position at which the text will be placed.

  • The dimension is placed on the construction plane (CPlane) that is active when the text position is indicated (you are able to change the CPlane while the placement of the dimension is animated, if you so choose, though the above does not apply to the Radial>Regular and Circular>Regular dimensions when placed in the plane of an arc).

  • Dimensions are placed with respect to the construction plane (this does not apply for Radial Regular and Circular Regular dimensions when placed in the plane of the arc).

  • <p class="Bulleted-List" style="margin-left: 0px; You can dimension between positions or entities in space.
  • You can dimension to silhouette edges of solids and surfaces in HLR (Hidden Line Rendering) views in layout mode. This allows placement of associative dimensions on view specific HLR object lines that don’t match an edge or flowline on the body.