Format Strings
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Both the System Time field note and Time Format for printing (Tools>Options>Print/Plot>Time Stamp) use the same format strings, listed below.



Format String:









Date and Time


Abbreviated weekday name


Full weekday name


Abbreviated month name


Full month name


Date and Time appropriate for local


Day of month as decimal number (01-31)


Hour in 24-hour format


Hour in 12-hour format


Day of year (001-366)


Month as decimal number (1-12)


Minute as decimal number (00-59)


Current local AM/PM indicator


Second as decimal number (00-59)


Week of the year with Sunday as first day of the week (00-53)


Weekday as decimal number (0-7) (Sunday is 0)


Week of the year with Monday as first day of the week (00-53)


Date representation for current locale


Time representation for current locale


Year without century (00-99)


Year with century


Time zone name or abbreviation

%z, %Z