Baseline Dimension
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The options available from this submenu allow you to create baseline dimensions. To access these submenu options, select Baseline Dimension from the Detail Menu. These options are used to create and edit ordinate, baseline and running dimensions; all dimension types that use a base point from which to measure.

  • The base ordinate is the starting point of an ordinate string on the axis. Ordinates you create after the base ordinate are called subordinates.

  • When creating baseline dimensions, it will be important to keep the following in mind:

  • Dimensions can be created on a horizontal, vertical, or parallel axis using aligned or nonaligned settings.

  • Baseline dimensions create a series of dimensions that have one reference point, the baseline point, in common. Dimensions with smaller values display below dimensions with larger values.

  • Running dimensions create a chain-like series of dimensions with one reference point, the baseline point, in common. However, unlike chain and baseline dimensions, running dimensions appear with the dimension text at the top of the witness line and aligned with the witness line. The dimensions appear at witness line height.

  • Once the dimensions are created, elements can be added, moved, deleted, or aligned.

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