Editing Section Views
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To edit elements of a Section View, use the Global Edit function available from the Edit>Entities pull-down submenu. When this feature is selected, and when a section view element is selected for editing, the Editing Section View dialog appears. This dialog is identical to the Section View dialog but contains a few additional settings.



The solids list box at the bottom of the Section View dialog page shows 2 columns. The Solid column is populated by setting names like Solid n where n is the entity id of the solid. The Use column indicates whether the solid is to be cut, or merely shown in the section view.

Use the buttons to the right of the list box for adding solids to cut or view. When adding solids to cut or view, the dialog will be dismissed temporarily and you can select the solids. The REMOVE FROM VIEW button will remove the solid currently selected in the list. If you select a solid in this list, it will highlight in the drawing.