Tips for using Box Move with Solids
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The following limitations apply to Box Move when moving or modifying solid objects.

  • The object being box moved must be a manifold object. Manifold geometry is physically realizable. A simple cube, for example, is manifold since you can physically create it. Two cubes sharing exactly one edge are non-manifold, since they are not physically realizable.

  • Box Move will modify bodies in a transverse manner, but not in rotation. Box Move will not work on the base of a cone because the sides of the cone need to be ’r;rotated’ in order to move to the new position. This is also the reason why Box Move will only change an object normal to the surface being moved.

  • Box Move will not work where there are multiple solutions. An example of this is a sphere that has been subtracted from the corner of a cube. Trying to Box Move the sphere face will not work.