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Using the Chain Offset Function
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Follow the steps below to use the Transform>Chain Offset function.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Chain Offset from the Transform Menu.

  2. Select the process you want to use for creating the offset from the Method box.

  3. Enter the necessary information in the Distance, Draft Angle, and/or Depth boxes.

  4. Choose the options you want to use for the offset. If two entities in a chain meet to form a concave corner, their offset entities will not be altered unless they are lines. In such a case, the lines are trimmed.

  5. Select OK from the dialog box when you finish defining the chain offset options.

  6. Select the start entity in the chain. The chain of entities can contain arcs, conics, polylines, polygons, 2D splines, or closed geometry (circles, polygons, etc.) whose view is perpendicular to the construction view.

  7. Indicate the chaining direction by selecting along the entity in the direction you want to chain.

  8. Select the end entity for the chain, or select ACCEPT to extend the chain to the farthest possible point.

  9. Choose YES or NO to indicate whether the chain was selected correctly. Selecting YES will bring you to the next step, selecting NO will return you to step 6.

  10. Indicate the side of the start entity where you want the offset to appear. The offset is created and you return to the Chain Offset dialog box. If you specified a depth or offset distance of zero, you may have to change views to view the offset.