Drawing Layouts
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Layout mode allows you to create one or more layouts of your parts for drafting presentations and for purposes of blueprinting. Using Layout mode, 2D representations of your custom models can be displayed using an array of different views, display methods, and detailing tools.

The Layout options can be accessed from the Layout pull-down or palette submenus. When a .CKD file contains a layout (or multiple layouts) this will be reflected in the Design tab of the Tree Window. The layout(s) appear immediately below the part name and can be accessed by right-clicking on the layout.

NOTE: Some layout options will be grayed out when Model Mode is the active mode.



To view information on the Drawing Layouts topic, click the desired link below:

Layout Mode Overview


Using Levels


Selections on the Layout Menu:

Layout Dialog

Layout Toggle

Create Instance

Projected Instance

Detail Callout

Paper Border

Highlight Instances

Replace Instance Entity

Burst All Instances

Tag to Instance

Untag from Instance

Instance Alignment

Instance Display

Open Previous Layout

Open Next Layout