Deleting Drawing Instances
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Drawing instances, once placed in a layout, can be removed using the entity delete features available from the Edit Menu. To remove a single instance from an existing layout, the Delete Single Select feature, found in the Edit pull-down menu, can be used. This is the global delete feature. When deleting multiple instances, use the Edit>Delete Multiple Select. This feature would also be used if you needed to delete geometry in addition to an instance (or multiple instances). Note that any entities that are tagged to an instance are deleted when that instance is deleted.



  1. Select Edit from the Menu Bar to access the Edit pull-down menu.

  2. If you intend to delete one instance, select Delete Single Select from the Edit pull-down. You will be prompted to select the entities for deletion (by single select).

  3. If you intend to delete multiple instances, or entities in addition to an instance (or multiple instances), select Delete Multiple Select. You will be prompted to choose a selection method from the following selection menu:

  4. Select the entities for deletion, either by single select, or the by the method chosen from the Selection Menu.