Modifying Drawing Instances
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Once placed, entities within an instance as well as the instance itself can be modified using the various instance modification tools available through the Layout Menu.

NOTE: For most selections, including deletions, the instance will be regarded as a single entity. Individual "tagged" entities can be selected, but selecting an instance-specific entity will, as a result, cause the entire instance to highlight.  

Rendering Options:

You are able to display drawings within a layout using all of the rendering options normally available to you in Model mode. The available methods are: Default, Wireframe, Hidden Lines Removed (HLR), Hidden Lines Dashed (HLD), Flat Shaded,Gouraud Shaded or Phong Shaded.  If you want to retain all settings in this dialogue box choose the default option after making your settings selections. Any future sessions will show these last settings if you choose default.

The method you wish to use for a rendered display of a part within an instance can be distinguished immediately through the Instance Dialog, which appears when you select the New Instance function from the Layout Menu. In this dialog, a Rendering Mode pull-down is available, in which the five rendering methods mentioned above are contained.

See View>Render for complete descriptions of each available rendering option.