Modifying Entities in Layout Mode
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Be aware of the following rules with regard to modifying entities in a layout. See Layout-Specific/Instance-Specific Entities for more information regarding layout-specific and instance-specific entities.



  • You are able to combine trimming or extending between layout and instance-specific entities anywhere within a layout; within an instance, between different instances, or between instance-specific entities and layout-specific entities that lie anywhere within the layout.

Transforming (XForm):

  • XForm transformation options can be used in Layout mode, but on layout-specific geometry only.

Modifying Section Views:

  • Section views are not selectable for moving instances by alignment because the view they display is often theoretical. An aligned section view, for instance, bends the display of the interior of a solid. This is why the Generic Move function is used to move section views. When the projected point of the section view needs to be recalculated, it is recommended that you use the Generic Edit function and uncheck projected, then change it back to projected. This will realign it to the original instance.

  • Crosshatching can only be accomplished between like entities only. For instance, for crosshatching patterns or mesh to be created between entities, the entities must consist entirely of either instance or layout-specific entities.


  • Instance-specific entities can be modified using general modifying/editing features. The underlying geometry is not changed, only the look of this geometry in the active instance is changed.