Tree Window Design Pane
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Clicking the Design Files tab in the Tree Window displays a tree structure that contains the top-down hierarchy of all KeyCreator design files (.CKD extension) currently open, their parts, and the layouts contained within the parts. The display of this window is controlled from the View>Control Bars pull-down menu.

The Design Files window contains several file-related options that can be accessed from Context Sensitive Menus that appear when you right-click with your mouse on a KeyCreator design file, part, or layout displayed in the tree.

Tree Window Context Sensitive Menus (Design Files):

There are unique right-click Context Sensitive Menus for the file(s), part(s), and layout(s) displayed in the Tree Window. Each right-click menu is shown below, along with the options available from each. For complete descriptions of the available options, refer to the Part Reference Options and Editing Referenced Parts segments.

Right-Click on a File

The following menu appears when you right-click on a file in the Tree Window.

Right-Click on a Part

The menu shown below will appear when you right-click on a part in the Tree Window:

Right-Click on a Layout

The following Context Sensitive Menu will appear when you right-click on a layout in the Tree Window: