Error Loading Referenced Part
KeyCreator \ Assemblies \ Overview \ Error-Loading-Referenced-Part

If you attempt to load a .CKD file that contains part references and the references cannot be found, a dialog will appear containing the options below. NOTE: When this dialog appears, the checkbox shows the current state of the relative path flag for the Part Reference that could not be loaded.

Dialog Options:

  • Specify the new location for the refrenced part and select RECONNECT to repair the reference.

  • Select the ABORT button to cancel loading of the CKD file altogether.

  • Select the SUPPRESS button to suppress the part reference. When you suppress a part reference, it isn’t only hidden from view – the entities belonging to the suppressed part reference are removed from the part.

  • Select the Store the relative path… checkbox to use relative path naming when saving references. This allows for more flexibility when moving parts and their associated references. This is because you only need to make sure that referenced .CKD files are in the same location relative to the location of the parent part file. On the other hand, choosing to store the full path means you can move the parent part and it will still "find" the references as long as the remain in the original location.