Attribute Information
KeyCreator \ Verify \ Entity \ Attribute-Information

Depending upon what entities are selected for verification, some or all of the following attributes will appear in the "Data Verify" dialog box:

  • Arrow - The arrow style number.
  • Aspect - The character aspect ratio.
  • Color - A numerical value representing the entity's color.
  • Defined View - The view at which the entity was created.
  • Entity - The type of entity, such as line, arc, point, etc.
  • Form - A reference number assigned to an entity type.
  • Group Name - The group name of the entity.
  • Group Number - The group reference number (1-128).
  • Level - The level where the entity exists.
  • Pen - The pen number of the entity.
  • Style - The line type or font value of the entity.
  • Subgroup # - The subgroup number of the entity.
  • Text Height - The text height.
  • Type - A reference number assigned to the entity you select from the database.
  • Unique ID - An ID number based on where the entity is in the database.
  • Width - The line width value of the entity.