Math and Logical Operators
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Key Function

+ a+b (Add)

- a-b  (Subtract)

^ a^n (To the nth power)

* a*b (Multiply)

/ a/b (Divide)

(a) precedence

a%b a (integer) modulus b

a' feet

a" inches

HIDD_SPOT_LIGHT=b  variable assignment

a == b equal comparison

a != b not equal comparison

a > b greater than comparison

a < b less than comparison

a >= b greater than or equal to comparison

a <= b less than or equal to comparison

a && b logical AND operation

a || b logical OR operation

(a) ? x:y conditional

| a|b (Calculates bitwise or)

& a&b (Calculates bitwise and)

# a#b (Calculates bitwise exclusive or)

>> a>>b (Shift right by count of b)

<< a<<b (Shift left by count of b)

~ ~a (Calculates bitwise inverse)