Healing Process
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The Healing Wizard dialog, shown in the Heal Body topic, walks you through the process of healing a solid body. Each pane on this dialog asks you the necessary questions to complete that step in the healing process. Use the Next button to proceed through the wizard.

Using the Function:

  1. Click Tools>Maintenance>Heal Body. The Select Entity To Heal pane of the Healing Wizard dialog appears. The pane prompts you to heal a single body or stitch multiple surfaces into a solid or surface. 

  2. Click Select to select the body (or surfaces) to heal.

  3. Once you have selected the body (or surfaces) to heal, you are given the option of checking the body before healing, through the Check Body pane.

  4. If errors are found in the body, the Healing Method pane presents you with two healing methods. It is recommended that the healing make tolerant edges, if there are gaps in the body after the healing process.  

  5. If no errors are found, the Check Results pane appears. Through this pane, you can select a different body to heal, continue healing the same body (not recommended), or quit the healing process. If you decide to continue healing, the Healing Method pane appears with the following options:

Automatic Healing:

Automatic healing determines the appropriate tolerances to use in each healing phase and performs all healing operations automatically. This is the recommended method.

Interactive Healing:

Interactive healing*Interactive_Healing enables you to select the healing phases and tolerances to use during the healing process.