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The Fastener functions  offer over 100 types of fasteners, in 2D and 3D representations, organized into eight groups. These groups have several subgroups, each of which has a different fastener database associated with it. The information about the individual types of fasteners is stored in these database files. To create a particular type of fastener, it is necessary for you to go through this hierarchical structure of groups and subgroups via a series of simple dialog boxes. The last dialog box in the series will allow you to choose exactly what kind of fastener you want to create, including its size, length, and representation.

NOTE: KeyCreator Feature data is stored in .DBF files and can be customized.

Creating Fasteners:

Creating fasteners is easily accomplished via the tabbed dialog interface shared among all of the functions. The setup functions are largely identical for all fasteners and the individual dialogs allow you to preview your geometry as you choose from standard sizes and configurations.

NOTE: KeyCreator fasteners are drawn at the maximum tolerance allowed. Thus, an M5 hex bolt will not be drawn at 5mm, but rather at 5.48mm because that is the maximum tolerance for size according to the Industrial Fasteners Institute's Metric Fastener Standards, 3rd edition (1999). Wire3D and Solid fastener representations CANNOT be created in layout mode.

Fastener Placement and Representation:

Fasteners can be placed in your drawings using any of the standard placement options. In addition, if you choose to create a 2D side representation of a fastener, you will be prompted to chose a location for the base center portion of the head and then dynamically select the shaft angle. The angle will be previewed in your drawing, and placed when you click. Alternatively, you can click the Angle button on the Conversation bar to key-in the desired angle.

Editing and Moving Fasteners:

Fasteners can be edited and moved using the standard Edit and Move functions or by selecting the Edit and Move buttons at the bottom of any Fastener dialog.

To view information on a Fastener type, click the appropriate link below:


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