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The Features functions let you create many kinds of feature holes in 2D and 3D representations. You can create features based on ANSI or ISO standards or key in your own parametric values. The standards used for the Feature program are from the "Appendix to American National Standards." English units follow ANSI B18.3 - 1976 and ANSI B18.3 - 1986 standards and Metric units follow ANSI B18.3.1M - 1982. ISO standards are approximately equivalent to the ANSI Metric standards and are treated the same. Selecting a standard (i.e., ANSI English or Metric/ISO) will be explained in the Setup section of this chapter. ANSI English is the default.

NOTE:  Feature data is stored in .DBF files and can be customized.

Creating Features:

Creating features is accomplished via the tabbed dialog interface shared among all of the functions. The setup functions are largely identical for all features and the individual dialogs allow you to preview your geometry as you choose from standard sizes and configurations.

When you select a feature that you want to create, a dialog box for that feature will appear. Each dialog box contains a Preview window which allows you to see the feature you are creating. The preview will update each time a new parametric value is entered (i.e., a new depth, size, representation, etc.).

NOTE: 3D  feature representations CANNOT be created in layout mode.

Feature Placement and Representation:

Features can be placed in your drawings using any of the standard  placement options. In addition, if you choose to create a 2D side representation, you will be prompted to chose a location for the base center portion of the feature and then dynamically select the shaft angle. The angle will be previewed in your drawing, and placed when you click. Alternatively, you can click the Angle button on the Conversation bar to key-in the desired angle.

Editing and Moving Features:

Features can be edited and moved using the standard Edit and Move functions or by selecting the Edit and Move buttons at the bottom of any Feature dialog.

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