Machinist Overview (NC)
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ Machinist-Overview-(NC)


Location: Tools>Machinist


Location: View>Control Bars>Machinist Palette


The Machinist options within KeyCreator provide 3D and 2D toolpath utilities. The 3D option includes multiple surface and direct solid machining  that generates NC output suitable for guiding tool movements across complex and freeform shapes.

NC 2D contains profiling and pocketing toolpath capabilities, as well as a comprehensive drilling package. A cycle database allows you to create and store sequences of machined canned cycles with specific tools and parameters.


NOTE: Many of the functions described in this section are enabled through the licensing system and will be frozen if the KeyCreator license in use does not include these specific features. Please contact your sales person for information about licensing these capabilities. For in-depth coverage of each function within Machinist use the KeyMachinistRefManual  .