2ND Zig-Zag Roughing with Ramping Dialog
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ Rough \ 2ND-Zig-Zag-Roughing-with-Ramping-Dialog

This dialog appears when the OK button option is selected in the Zig Zag Roughing and Ramping dialog.


Dialog Options:

Stock Limits
  • Automatic – When checked, KeyCreator will determine heights for machining by verifying that all of the geometry is machined.

  • User Specified – When checked, you will be prompted to indicate a zone in the Z-Axes to control the machining area.

Step Down By
  • Distance – When checked, the step down will be created using a delta value for Z steps.

  • Slice Count – When checked, KeyCreator will divide the distance to be machined in Z by the number of slices.

Step Down Values
  • Step Down – Specify the Delta value used to determine Z steps.

  • Number of Slices – This is the number divided into the distance to machine to determine the Z steps.

  • Ramp Angle – Specify the angle to be used for XYZ moves to the Z level to be machined.

  • Global Ramp – When checked, the toolpath will use ramping for all descents in Z.

Critical Z Levels
  • No Intermediate Z-Levels – When checked, KeyCreator will not factor flats into the tool path.

  • Automatic Detection of Flat Areas – When checked, KeyCreator will look for flat areas and produce Z levels at the part wall stock value above the plane.

  • Prompt for Manual Selection – When checked, you will be prompted for specific Z levels requiring tool paths. The part wall stock value will offset the levels that are selected.