Planar Finishing Dialog, Advanced
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ Finish \ Planar-Finishing-Dialog,-Advanced

The following dialog appears when the Advanced tab is selected in the Planar Finishing dialog.


Dialog Options:

Transitions Between Passes
  • Type – Stair Step provides the ability to specify a tool lift at the end of the cutting pass.

  • Values – Specify a tool lift value.

  • Retract to Clearance Plane – If the move that the cutter will make from the end of one pass to the beginning of the next exceeds the setting value multiplied by the value of the step over, the tool will lift to the rapid traverse plane.

Prompt for min/max Z Clipping Planes

When checked, you will be prompted for the minimum and maximum Z-clipping planes.


Basic Tab

Re-Machining Tab