2ND Plateau Milling (Constant Z) Dialog
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ Finish \ 2ND-Plateau-Milling-(Constant-Z)-Dialog

This dialog appears when you click the OK button on the Plateau Milling (Constant Z) dialog.


Dialog Options:

Step Down Values
  • Fixed Stepdown – Specify a fixed stepdown value.

Step Down By
  • Fixed Distance – When selected, the cutting tool will step down by a fixed step-down using a Delta value for steps in Z.

  • Variable Distance Based on Slope – When selected, the software will determine the appropriate steps for machining.

  • Slice Count – When checked, the software will divide the distance to be machined in Z by the number of slices.

Motion Between Z Level Slices
  • Continuous Ramp – When selected, the tool will use the path and the angle specified for ramping until the tool reaches the specified level. It will then clean the level, move to the start point of the next path, then ramp down to its level.

  • X-Y Retract – When selected, at the beginning of each level, a lead in/lead out segment will be added using the specified distance.

  • Ramp Angle – Specify a ramp angle value to be used during continuous ramping.

  • X-Y Retract Value – Specify a distance to be used during X-Y retraction.

  • By Z Level Slice – When selected, everything at the specific Z level is completed before continuing to the next Z level.

  • By Zone – When selected, the tool will machine several levels, then move to another feature and machine several levels, optimizing the tool path and eliminating air time.

Open Contour Machining Style
  • Climb and Conventional – When selected, the toolpath will be created using bi-directional movement.

  • Climb Only – When selected, the toolpath will be created using only the climb milling direction.

Machine Only Steep Walls With the Slope Angle

When checked, the toolpath is created only for walls with a slope steeper than the angle specified.

Prompt for Critical Z Levels

When selected, you will be prompted for Z levels that must be machined; such as flats, or tops of bosses.