3RD Profile Milling Dialog
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ 2D \ 3RD-Profile-Milling-Dialog

This dialog appears when you select Next on the second Profile Milling dialog. Through this third dialog, you are able to specify various Z Parameters, as well as Finish Pass or Rough Pass settings. Once you have configured the available dialog settings, click the Create Path button option to create the toolpath.


Dialog Options:

Z-Parameters Measured from Part Zero (Z0)

Specify values for Z-Clear (C), Z-Surf (S) and Z-Floor (D), or click the Cursor Select button to define them by cursor. Each value is measured from Part Zero. The following condition must be satisfied:

C > (S+P) > S > D

  • Distance from Z-Surf where Rapid Changes to Feed Mode (P) – Specify a distance value.

Finish Passes or Rough Passes

Select either Finish or Rough Passes. For each, you are required to specify the Number of Passes, the Stock to Remove Per Pass, the Stock to Leave on the Wall, the Stock to Leave on the Floor, and the Order of Cutting.

Create Path

Click this button to create the toolpath based on the configurations you set in the Profile Milling dialogs. Before the toolpath is created, you are asked to provide a description.