Customizing Toolbars
KeyCreator / Tools / Customize / Toolbars / Customizing Toolbars

This program contains Windows-style toolbars that are completely customizable. Through the Tools>Customize dialog, you are able to add program functions to your toolbars, as well as determine what toolbars will be displayed. Toolbars can be docked like in many other Windows-based applications, or they can be floated (undocked). Toolbars can be docked horizontally and vertically.

The toolbars will dock to the edges of the main window as they do in many other Windows applications or they can be floated. The number of toolbars you can display will only be limited by available screen space. You can place the toolbars wherever you choose on the screen by docking them where you like. Note that toolbars can now be docked horizontally or vertically.

NOTE: If the CTRL button is held while dragging a toolbar, you will not be able to dock it.


To view information on creating a custom toolbar, click the link below:

Creating a Custom Toolbar