Assigning Shortcut Keys to Macros
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Shortcut keys can be assigned to Root Mode or Immediate Mode macros (KXL routines) in a few easy steps.

Bitmaps and ToolTips:

The bitmaps and the status/tooltip text for the buttons will be read from files on disk. For example, for a macro named <c:\path\to\my_macro.kxl>, the bitmap will be read from <c:\path\to\my_macro.bmp>, and the text will be read from <c:\path\to\my_macro.txt>.


If the .bmp or .txt file does not exist when KeyCreator attempts to read it, the file will be created using <current language path>\MacroDefault.bmp or <current language>\MacroDefault.txt.


  1. Add the KXL file to which you wish to assign a shortcut key to one of the three KXL categories in the Tools>Options>KXL page. Any KXL files added there will now appear in the Tools>Customize>Commands page, under the appropriate category heading. For instance, if you had added a KXL file to the Root KXL category under Tools>Options>KXL, it would appear under Root KXL under Tools>Customize>Commands.

  2. Find and click on the appropriate heading in the Tools>Customize> Commands page, so that the available KXL files under that heading appear under Buttons.

  3. Click on the appropriate button (the button for the KXL file you wish to assign).

  4. Click on the editable field under Press New Shortcut Key, and press the shortcut key(s) you wish to assign to the selected KXL file.

  5. Click on the ASSIGN KEY button option.

  6. Click OK.

NOTE: KXL Files added to the Startup list are not available for assignment, but files can be added to multiple lists.