Conversation Bar
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Conversation Bar

The Conversation Bar is empty at program start, and is used to display standard options menus, function option buttons, prompts, and data entry fields. For instance, when you are using a function that requires input from the Selection Menu, the menu will be displayed on the Conversation Bar. Note that these options will only appear when you are required to enter data, make a selection, choose a location, or input any other related information so that a function can be executed.

The display of the Conversation Bar can be toggled on/off through the View>Control Bars submenu. If closed and a function needs user input from the Conversation Bar, it will temporarily open the Conversation Bar.  


Options Buttons:

The buttons in the Conversation Bar are tied by default to the corresponding Function Keys (ie. F1 = Option 1, F2 = Option 2, etc. ) If a button appears depressed on the Conversation bar, that option 'mode' is enabled.


Activities Buttons:

The ACCEPT, BACKUP, and ESCAPE activities buttons appear on the Conversation Bar:


  • ACCEPT – Use this button option to accept the data displayed in the data entry field. This button is also used to move from one data entry step to the next and to automatically enter a zero in a blank data entry field.

  • BACKUP – Use this button option to back up one step.

  • ESCAPE – Use this button option to cancel the current function.