Position Snap Selection
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Position Snap Selection

To display the Position Snap toolbar on your desktop, select Tools>Customize and click on the Position Snap option. A checkmark will appear signifying that it has been enabled. The Position Snap Toolbar will appear in the workspace, and it can be docked where you like.

You can configure Position Snap functionality through the Selection dialog page under Tools>Options. Or, if you have the toolbar displayed on your workspace you can enable/disable and configure the Position Snap directly from the toolbar. To enable the snap points click in the checkbox in the dialog box or click on the icon on the toolbar. In the dialog box a checkmark appears signifying that snap option is on.

TIP: See the Tools Menu for complete descriptions of the various selection configuration options available in the Set Configuration dialog box.

The Position Snap senses cursor proximity to a maskable position and "locks on" to it. Position Snap can also be described as a running object snap. There are three indicators that communicate the snap condition. A marker is placed at the position, the entity becomes highlighted and a small descriptor appears to the side of the cursor.

The selection crosshair will lock on to common placement locations on the existing geometry. An abbreviation of the mode will appear, indicating that you are over one of the snap points. For example, MID will appear when the cursor is snapping to the midpoint.

Position Snap supports point (PNT), endent (END), center (CTR), midpoint (MID), quadrant (QUAD), 3D intersection (X3D), 2D projected intersection (X2D), and tangent (TAN) modes. Nearest (NEAR) is also recognized, but it requires a keyboard action. See Keyboard Shortcuts below for details on how to initiate the NEAR option.

NOTE: A 3D intersection is faster and more accurate than a 2D intersection. A 2D intersection should only be used when no 3D intersection exists between the two entities.


Keyboard Shortcuts:

The following are keyboard shortcuts that can be used to modify Position Snap functionality on the fly:

Holding down the CTRL key can be used to temporarily enable or disable the Position Snap function. If the snap is enabled, holding down the CTRL key will disable it; if the snap is disabled, holding down the CTRL key will enable it.

When choosing a specific Position Menu option, only the appropriate snap(s) will be active. For instance, when in End Ent, only the End Ent snap is enabled. All snaps are enabled in cursor modes.

When Position Snap is enabled, holding down the SHIFT key will allow you to utilize the NEAR function. The NEAR function will snap to the nearest position on the entity nearest to the cursor.

The Position Snap takes precedence over Grid/Snap. See the View chapter in this Reference Manual, or online Help, for more information regarding Grid/Snap.