Model Mode / Layout Mode
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Model Mode / Layout Mode

The program has two system modes; Model mode and Layout mode. The two modes are separate from one another, however, both the model(s) and layout(s) contained within a given Design File share the same part(s), and are displayed in the Design Files Tree Window (View>Tree Window).

Model mode is the active mode by default when the program is loaded, and is intended as a design mode, in which all of the various design features can be used to create and edit your custom parts.

Layout mode exists separately and allows you to create one or more layouts of these parts for drafting presentations or for blueprinting purposes. Using Layout mode, 2D representations of your custom models can be displayed using an array of different views, display methods and detailing tools.


Notes on Model Mode and Layout Mode:

Model Mode is the default mode. When creating a new file, you will always start out in model mode. Once you have created a layout, you can toggle between it and Model Mode at any time.

The mode you are in when you save the file will be remembered, and that mode will be displayed when the design file is next loaded.

Layout Mode can be accessed (toggled on/off) via the Layout Menu or the Layout button on the applications palette.

In Layout mode, you create Instances showing various representations of your model. An Instance is an entity that references an existing part. Entities from the part are not stored with the reference.

Instance-Specific Geometry is geometry in a layout that represents entities belonging to the original part file in Model Mode. Drawing instances consist of instance-specific entities until you modelize them, and will update when you make changes in Model mode.

When you modelize instance-specific geometry, it becomes Layout-Specific Geometry and it loses its link, or association, to the original part file in Model Mode.

Layout Specific Geometry is data created in Layout Mode that is no longer associated to the original part file in Model Mode. When you return to Model Mode, you do not see any of these layout-specific entities.

When saving a file, layout specific data is saved in the KeyCreator Design File in the layout object. This data includes: current color, pen, style, width, polyline fill color, grid, snap and detailing settings.

TIP: See the Layout section for more detailed information on Layout Mode, and how design file data is handled when switching between modes.