Support for 3D Controllers
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Support for 3D Controller

This will work with any device supported by the latest 3DxWare driver from 3Dconnexion. When rotating in either HLR or HLD mode, the display will switch into a faster rendering mode similar to HLR. When you release the ball, it will switch back to the HLR/HLD mode, hiding the dashed HLD lines while manipulating the view.


  1. Visit to download the latest driver.

  2. Install the 3DxWare driver in Windows. (It is a system-wide driver.)

As long as you start the 3DxWare driver (in Windows) before starting the program you'll have full support for your 3D motion controller.

Once the 3DxWare driver is loaded, all of the interface functions are provided via the 3DxWare icon displayed in your system tray. The only button to which Kubotek software responds is the PICK button, which displays a prompt for a new center position, and re-centers the view on that coordinate. Other functions, such as autoscale, can be assigned to device buttons through the User Macro capabilities of the 3DxWare driver. Simply create a macro with CTRL+A or ALT+A (whichever you use for autoscale), and assign that macro to one of your buttons.