Understanding Workspace
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Understanding Workspaces

The workspace defines the content and appearance of the KeyCreator interface. Workspaces contain information relative to the placement of toolbars and other screen elements, default and custom. They do not impact the actual content of the part. As a result, multiple working modes and personal configurations are possible.

When KeyCreator opens, it will attempt to load the workspace defined under Tools>Options>Startup.

Workspaces, once customized, are managed from the File>Workspaces submenu:

Through this submenu, you are able to open, close and save your customized workspaces. Below the Close Workspace feature, a list of the ten most recently used workspaces will appear. This list will remain empty until a custom workspace is saved.

The default workspace is made up of major screen elements, or sections of the viewable area, by default: the Viewport, Menu Bar, Palette Menus, Toolbars, History Bar, Status Bar, and the Conversation Bar. This document refers to these elements repeatedly. So it is important to understand their purpose and know where they reside in the program workspace.


Note that you can change Viewport colors as explained in Colors/Attributes.

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