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Location: Tools>Customize>Commands>Root KXL 1

This function allows for a typical Recycle Bin approach to deletion utilizing a Recycle target level to manage recycled items.

Using this function:

The Recycle function provides an alternative to the Edit>Delete and Undo/Redo functions. When first clicked the Recycle prompts for the recycle level (level 1000 default), creates the recycle level and then prompts for entities to recycle using the selection options. After entities are chosen and Accepted  they are moved to a unique sublevel of the recycle level. Additional use of the recycle function adds new entities to a new sublevel. The recycle level functions as any typical level, entities can be' restored' or moved by right clicking the sublevel name bringing up the level context menu or by dragging the sublevel to another level. To view the recycle level open the part spltter (View>Control Bars>Open Part Splitter) and look for the Recycle Bin level.