Text Panes
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Text Panes

The following describes the Text panes of the Create a BOM Table dialog box (Tools>BOM and TableCreate a Table of Notes). This pane allows you to define the data (and the attributes of the data) that appears in the table.

The top area in this pane represents the table you wish to create. The header information appears along the top row and the cells underneath contain the data of the table. To edit a cell, click in it and press F2.

Once you select one row, you can apply different actions, as follows.

Add Row

Adds one empty row below the one selected

Delete Row

Deletes the selected row

Move Up and Move Down

Moves the selected row up or down one position

Clear all

Removes all the data. (Retains the column headers)

Export to

Allows you to save the data in an external file format. The file selection dialog box appears. You can select the desired file format. Supported formats are:

  • TXT (comma delimited): data is written in a text file; one line for each row; commas separate column data

  • TXT (tab delimited): data is written in a text file; one line for each row; tab characters separate columns data

  • XLS - Excel: data is written in a Microsoft Excel file format. (You should have Microsoft Office installed, or at least the Excel file format ODBC driver.)


The Text Format and Text Attributes panes, shown next, allow you to manage the format and the attributes of the table data.